About BluZen

BluZen was created with the sole purpose to awaken the curators in all of us. As we travel in the odyssey of life, nothing impacts us as instantly like the smell of what we love. BluZen is a family-run business. We pride ourselves on providing premium oils that enhance our customers' lives.

However, smells are so personal, so we know that you know your unique blend best. Our Scent Personality Quiz was created to address just that. Take the quiz and allow us to deliver the perfect scents to you whilst you focus on manifesting the dreams in your life. You bring the action, we bring the aroma. From our family to yours, we are delighted to be on this journey with you.

"Of all the ingredients in the creation of a garden, scent is probably the most potent. Its effect stirs our emotions, colors our thoughts and take us back to places we will never forget."   

—Stephen Lacey, Scent in Your Garden, 1991