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Zen Blends Variety Pack


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Product Description

  • UNWIND: Take off the day and sink into a recovery mode with a soothing blend of oils made to instantly help you relax and find tranquility.
  • REST: Made of calming lavender oil straight from the lush lavender fields of France, this scent is perfect for meditation and relaxation, and can promote a restful night’s sleep when used with an oil diffuser overnight.
  • HARMONY: Create balance in your self-care routine with a luxurious blend of oils designed to lift your spirits like juniper cedarwood, and sandalwood oils.
  • FOCUS: Vibrant and rejuvenating, this motivation-charged blend of oils such as orange, cedarwood, and more will help you find clarity and focus, succeeding in all you do.
  • DESTRESS: Discover a calmer, more relaxed you with this decadent blend of oils like peppermint, bergamot, basil, sage, and thyme oils, each one designed to help you reduce anxiety and stress.

Product Description

Calming and clarifying essences of patchouli, sandalwood and orange foster peace of mind as stress and uncertainty drift away.
A cocooning blend of French vanilla and lavender enveloped with ribbons of musk sends your mind and body on a blissful journey to sweet slumber.
This balancing blend of juniper berries, sandalwood and cedar help to restore and empower, bringing mind and spirit into perfect harmony.
The grounding aroma of orange, peppermint, cedarwood and vanilla helps to align your mind and spirit, allowing a new sense of focus and clarity.
Embrace a new sense of freedom with a liberating blend of bergamot, sage, basil and mint as you say goodbye to negative vibes.