Curated Scent Profile

In order to deliver you essential oils that will match your personality, tastes and preferences, let us know a little about yourself!


On the Go, Worldly, Affluent, Career Driven, Energetic, Health Conscious Always on the go and setting new goals, you put as much effort into your spin class as you do on your career goals and still manage to put friends and family first. Well-travelled and discerning of the finer things in life, your retirement goal is 45!


Earthy, Natural, Rural, Outdoors, Vegan, Eco-Centric Down-to-earth and eco-centric, your idea of a perfect weekend includes a nice long hike to an undiscovered summit where you can meditate to the sound of rustling leaves. You love a good conversation with friends over a home cooked meal.


Beachy, Tropical, Whimsical, Laid Back Free-spirited and laid back, you love the sun, tropical everything, and especially the beach. Gentle waves, white sand, sea grass and ocean breezes are your perfect setting for sunrise yoga. A positive attitude, constant smile and whimsical expressions make you a pleasure to be around.

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